Hello! I’m Karin Zingmark, a senior freelance consultant with a passion to drive change within communications and leadership.

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During the past twenty years I have worked in the tech and media industry with brands such as Microsoft and Viaplay, leading through change in a digital world. I am an acknowledged speaker on topics of digitalization, communication and leadership.


The media landscape of today has one thing constant and that is change. The way we interact with brands is no longer solely dependent on the size of your marketing budget, but on how you can bring value.


Traditional hierarchical models prevail in many businesses. But thanks to tech, that’s not the way we work today. In theory, we can work from anywhere we want, whenever we want and with whomever we want.


I am a frequent speaker on topics of digitalization, communication and leadership. I am passionate about the possibilities with tech and the way it changes the prerequisites both for leaders and as well as for marketers.

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“Karin is a strong thought leader for digitization and she is a much appreciated external speaker. Karin is very result oriented and manages transformation professionally. She is excellent at building a strong team as well as handling stakeholder management across the organization.”

Eva Fors, Country Manager Google for Work Nordic

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