Leadership and Communications in a connected world

Are you looking for inspiration on the possibilities of communications and brand building in the media landscape of today? Do you need help in taking your organization into a modern way of working, making full use of the possibilities of tech while on the same time building strong teams? Engage me for talks, workshops and strategic advice.


In our fast-moving world, courage is needed. Courage to listen, to adopt to transparency and courage to make decisions and drive change. In roles as a board member, facilitator and / or an advisor, I help organizations drive change, whether it is a reorganization, improved collaborations or new ways of working. Jonas Hagströmer, chairman of the board of Inet whose board I had the privilege of sitting on, says:

“Karin is a modern and visionary board member who helped the company set a long-term strategy, renew the company’s marketing to only digital channels and challenged management on issues regarding organization, digitization and communication in a clear but very humble way. “


With warmth, humor and great passion, I guide groups – large and small – through topics such as trust, courage, commitment, change and communication.

I have been nominated one of Sweden’s 100 most popular speakers and I was nominated speaker of the year 2019. My average rating in the evaluations is at 4.93 out of 5 (Feb 2020). In addition to speaking assignments, I often serve as a moderator at events with a focus on digitization and change.

Depending on your needs, I will prepare a talk that is tailored specifically for you, whether you need an innovative energy boost or an interactive workshop.