Maximize the talk: You achieve the success through digital communication – (Swedish)

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You are sure to get rid of all the people talking about the digital transformation. That says the company must digitize its business and change – now! Many loud voices push these questions, but few give concrete advice on how to actually do it.

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In the Maxa talk, communication expert Karin Zingmark shares her experiences of driving change in digital communication in an easily accessible way. The time when management was able to delegate communication to a communications department that packaged and conveyed the company’s message is long overdue. Today’s companies must become fully communicative by listening, analyzing the outside world, acquiring customer insights and putting energy into the dialogue with both employees and customers.
The book is for those who want to make your company more communicative and equipped for the future. It contains concrete advice and practical examples so you can easily learn the maximum snack.

About the authors
Karin Zingmark has over twenty years of experience in driving change in the field of communication from eg. Microsoft, Viasat and MTG. She is a diligent consultant and lecturer in digital communication and leadership. Maxa Talk is her debut book.

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